Naturally Perfect Dolls


"Wow! So excited for you the press you've been receiving is HUGE & amazing! Such a Blessing! And you have no idea how much ypur product is really needed. When my 6 yr old daughter draws a pictute of herself she colors in peach skin and yellow makes me very sad that she thinks her features aren't pretty enough. I cannot wait to get our doll. I was one of the 1st to donate on Kick-start and I plan to order many more!!!"

– Kenyatta

"My name is Gaby and while im 19, seeing this doll just made my day. My hair is JUST like Angelica's and in all my years of life ive never seen a doll that looked anything close to me...and now people are saying she's my twin! Little white girls get to have doll that are their twins since they are little, but that is not the case for brown and black girls. In the most recent years I've grown to love my natural hair and only wish that would've been the case when I was younger! I cant wait to buy this doll and play with her hair...even though im kinda grown! This is amazing!"

– Gaby


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